[LOGBack-user] slf4j simple logger

Ceki Gülcü listid at qos.ch
Wed Sep 13 23:20:42 CEST 2006

Actually, Jetty (the servlet container) uses it as its default logging 
system. They do not want debug statements to appear on the console.

It is getting late. I'd like to rethink this with a clear head.

At 10:45 PM 9/13/2006, Newcomb, Michael-P57487 wrote:
>I was assuming slf4j-simple.jar would be used mostly by library developers 
>who don't want to fool around with including log4j/logback/jdk14 etc... 
>That is what I would like to use it for, but now I will have to create a 
>custom binding (or include one of the above packages) to see debug during 
>my tests?
>I will create the binding if necessary, but does it make sense to create a 
>slf4j-simple-debug.jar or something?

Ceki Gülcü
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