[logback-user] How To Use Filters

Yoram Forscher yoramf at envoytech.com
Wed Jan 3 21:54:57 CET 2007

Hi Ceki,


I see your point regarding the default configuration and it makes a lot
of sense to provide some basic logging capability even if the user
neglects to configure. The requirement to invoke shutdownAndReset(),
though,  is IMHO not elegant and error prone. Maybe you can internally
clear the configuration when the user invoked doConfigure()?


Regarding logger.isXXXEnabled(marker), I thought it will give me the
exact functionality that you mentioned, i.e., that it will depend on the
marker value.  When I used it I wanted to conditionally log some debug
information that takes a lot of processing to generate. I did not want
the overhead involved in generating this information if it will never be
logged. When using log4j, I would put this kind of information at the
TRACE level but this is not possible with logback. Do you see a good way
to achieve this functionality?





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