[logback-user] configuration: Joran vs logback.xml

Deirdre delee at cs.tcd.ie
Thu Jan 18 12:26:29 CET 2007


I'm a new user of logging and have decided to start of with logback.  I have a
question regarding the configuration file: 

The manual states:
"When logback is not configured by instanciating JoranConfigurator objects, it
follows a simple policy to configure itself.  Logback first tries to find a file
called logback.xml within the classpath."

Why then bother instanciating JoranConfigurator objects and asking that the
configurator parse a certain configuration file 'sample.xml'.  Why not just save
the file as 'logback.xml' and it will be automatically read and parsed as the
configuration file, without the use of JoranConfigurator objects, or?

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