[logback-user] Should logback.xml be in part of a web app?

Keith keithckee at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 18:27:28 CET 2007

Can you please give some recommendation if I should include logback.xml 
in an EAR or outside on a file system? In the past, I would put it 
outside on a file system so that I can change the logging level on the 
fly when a need arises to log in detail. However, in this new company 
which I recently join, it prefers that everything be packaged in a EAR 
to "reduce work" for the deployment team.

Given such option, how do I change the level of logging easily if the 
logback.xml is packaged in an EAR? Can I still be able to change the 
level of logging programmatically  on the fly, or perhaps using JMX? 
Will I be able to save the change into the file in the EAR?


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