[logback-user] Logback v1.0?

Pascale, Peter H. Peter.Pascale at Pearson.com
Wed Oct 24 18:46:49 CEST 2007

We're interested in logback as a replacement to log4j. One of the
questions I get is what's the span in time and features between logback
today (v0.9.8) and a v1.0 release. Yes, yes - that magical 1.0 carries a
lot of weight with folks...


In trolling the archives and documentation - I did see reference to the
fact that the team believes in the value of sound documentation, and the
team isn't comfortable with a v1.0 release without good documentation.
Seems you are on track to rectify that, and I think the manual is great.
Bug fixes - I'm having a hard time determining the remaining significant
open defects. Would you characterize the 0.9.8 - 1 span as having a lot
of fixes? Few but important fixes? And what about features.


And I hate to dredge up this topic - but will we ever see a config file
watch such as log4j, and that was requested recently. Not a deal breaker
for us - given the arguments for JMX config reload.


And the magical question - rough timing of v1.0? Before 2008?






Peter Pascale

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