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Thu Sep 27 22:44:43 CEST 2007

I would probably be a little more inclined to open source it on my own, as I'm not too fond of the LGPL.  Would it be considered LGPL anyway if it's dependent on logback?  I don't think it would...

I would much prefer MIT or Apache.

I would prefer to make it work against SLF4J as that would allow it to be used in a lot more situations, but SLF4J has no concept or API for querying existing loggers/appenders, etc. (and I understand why-- it would be pretty hard to generalize all that)

sorry for the thread drift...

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I encourage you to create your own project. Alternatively, you could contribute 
your code to the logback. Assuming the following conditions:

0) you intend to maintain it
1) you don't mind other logback developers rummaging through and refactoring 
your code :-)
2) you agree to the terms of the "Contributor License Agreement" [1]

As for, I've added it to the list.


Arthur Blake wrote:
> Ceki said:
>  >Perhaps the cleanest solution is to trigger reloading of the config file
>  >manually via some convenient (graphical?) user interface.
> I wrote a really nice ajax based graphical UI for log4j recently for a 
> client that does all that. 
> It worked out so well, I've been toying of the idea of making an open 
> source one for logback.
> I prefer logback for my own open source projects.  If there is 
> significant interest in this I might consider doing this and either 
> contributing to logback or open sourcing it on my own...
> PS. Ceki, I have yet another open source library that is now dependent 
> on SLF4J (see - nice if you could add that to the 
> main SLF4J page.
> Cheers
Ceki Gülcü
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