Re: [logback-user] logback initialization "à la" Spring

Davide Baroncelli baroncelli at
Fri Sep 28 17:28:19 CEST 2007

Davide Baroncelli wrote:
> P.s.: let me express my disagreement for logback and sl4j not supporting
> neither the FATAL logging level nor automatic reloading of config files.

Ok, I developed a small Spring runnable component useful for auto-reloading
of logback configs. It may be configured in an application context like

<bean id="logbackReconfigurer"
        <property name="scheduledExecutorTasks">
                    <property name="period" value="5000"/>
                    <property name="runnable">
                            <property name="configResource"

should anyone be interested, I re-attach a package with the updated classes, here .
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