[logback-user] GPL+Classpath exception

Anton Tagunov anton.tagunov at umail.ru
Fri May 30 18:27:52 CEST 2008

Hello gentlemen,

I've been very happy to discover SLF4J.
Log4j has long needed a rework.
SLF4J is a fresh wind :)

It can blow Log4J out of the water.
If it goes MIT me thinks.

Ceki> Do we want Big Iron (insert your least favorite IT company here)
Ceki> to legally pirate an open source project, say logback?

As SLF4J gains popularity it will likely
be perceived as same in kind to Log4J.

However Big Co-s will rather "pirate"
the conveniently licensed alternative.

I don't see how Log4J can be replaced this way.
IMO Logback needs MIT/ASL.


P.S. "cross-posting" to my blog :)

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