[logback-user] Logback vs Log4J

ekkehard ekkehard at gentz-software.de
Tue Oct 14 18:45:39 CEST 2008

Ceki Gulcu schrieb:
> While the general archirecture is very similar, there are many differences. See
> http://svn.qos.ch/repos/logback/trunk/logback-site/src/site/resources/logback.ppt
> for a short presentation on logback. (The presentation used to be called "Ten 
> reasons to switch to logback". 
> IMHO, the higher activity seen in logback 
> compared to log4j may be your most important reason to switch.
the main reason why I was asking about the real differences:

I made my decision to use SLF4J as API and to use LOGBack as implementation.
...runs all inside OSGI Enterprise (client/server) application
based on: Eclipse Equinox, Eclipse Riena, Easybeans / Hibernate etc.

so I'm using bundles with the bridges between slf4j and log4j, jcl, jul
and also wrote my osgi-over-slf4j bundle as bridge between
OSGI log services, OSGI framework events, OSGI bundle events...

all works well

...but there was a question in my blog why I'm not using PAX-Logging
as bridge to other legacy logging frameworks.
but PAX Logging uses Log4J as implementation and I'm working on
my next blog entries and wanted to provide a matrix to compare features
of log4j and logback


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