[logback-user] Evaluator and Layout Pattern

ekkehard ekkehard at gentz-software.de
Mon Oct 20 11:27:58 CEST 2008

thanks ceki - this will help in the future to know how to build logback 
and slf4j

at the moment I have to prepare some other things and the next days no 
time to test using the builds

my origin problem was solved using a Fragment-Bundle with 
logback-classic as host

I just published a new entry in my blog

the next entry will contain informations about the configuration, 
marker, fragment-bundles etc.


Ceki Gulcu schrieb:
> Hello Ekke,
> If you update your working copy of logback (svn update), you should see that 
> logback now references a released version of SLF4J, namely 1.5.5.
> However, building SLF4J from svn as Thorbjørn suggest is also an option. Note 
> that the version of logback in the trunk sometimes references a SNAPSHOT version 
> of SLF4J and sometimes are released version which can be confusing initially. 
> (Building SLF4J should be easy, so it's not as bad as it sounds.)
> Please let us know if you need further information,
> Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen wrote:
>> ekkehard skrev:
>>> normally I'm only using the distributed jars from logback and slf4j.
>>> perhaps you can give me the url for the 1.5.4 snapshot needed
>>> like
>> The information you need is at
>> http://slf4j.org/svn.html
>> svn checkout http://svn.slf4j.org/repos/slf4j/trunk


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