[logback-user] Feedback from using Logback in an audit component

Chad La Joie chad.lajoie at switch.ch
Fri Oct 31 09:45:30 CET 2008

Hey Anders,

Do you have any code that you could share that shows how you did the
event-based audit logging vs the standard level-based?

Anders Hammar wrote:
> I was asked by Ceki to share my successful Logback story with you all.
> In a former assignment for one of our customers, we implemented an
> audit component. The customer is to use this component in their
> applications to audit end-user activities.
> In some earlier application specific audit implementations, log4j had
> been used. However, log4j (and pretty much all existing application
> logging frameworks that I looked at) has the notion of logging levels.
> For auditing (at least in this customer's case) we have actions/events
> which have no relation between them. So, having levels of debug, info,
> warn, etc isn't right but we rather have independent events.
> When I found Logback it was kind of love at first sight, the modular
> design fitted beautifully with what we wanted and we chose Logback
> (specifically logback-core) for our actual audit logging. We based
> this choice on two factors in specific:
> 1. The possibility of log on actions/events rather than levels (as
> above described)
> 2. The possiblity of having several independently configured logback
> instances. (This is not possible with log4j for instance, and as the
> customer's app server of choice uses log4j we would need to combine
> application logging and audit logging configuration - which is not
> good out of security perspective.)
> Also, the extensive documentation made my work easy to recommend the
> framework. As we all know, good documentation is not always the case
> in OSS. However, as mentioned on the mailing list earlier, the lack of
> a 1.0 release could have been a problem. However, Ceki's track record
> (with log4j) made me feel safe still going with Logback.
> As i personally strongly believe in OSS I normally participate and
> contribute to the community of the libs I use. However, working as a
> consultant I just can't be involved in everything and tend to only
> stay active as long as the assignment lasts (there are a few
> exceptions). Therefore I don't subscribe to this mailing list any
> longer, but I will monitor this thread so if you have any questions
> regarding my use case I'll be happy to answer them.
> /Anders
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