[logback-user] Migrating LogBack with JUL and Log4j

Kimberly Vogt kvogt at llnl.gov
Thu Sep 11 01:31:49 CEST 2008

Another question, do you loose any functionality when you use these 
"migrators"?  Are you still able to print out method names and/or line 


Ceki Gulcu wrote:
> Hello Kim,
> Use slf4j-migrator [1] to migrate the source code of your applications to SLF4J.
> Use log4j-over-slf4j and/or jul-to-slf4j to redirect log4j, respectively JUL 
> logs to SLF4J. See http:// slf4j.org/legacy.html for more information.
> Cheers,
> [1] http:// slf4j.org/migrator.html
> Kimberly Vogt wrote:
>> Hi,
>> My group is considering using LogBack for our project, and I'm trying to 
>> figure out there's a painless way to migrate both JUL logs and Log4j to 
>> LogBack?  We are currently using some Log4j, but we also use EclipseLink 
>> which uses JUL.  Any help is appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> Kim

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