[logback-user] LOGBack and OSGI

ekkehard ekkehard at gentz-software.de
Thu Sep 25 22:04:45 CEST 2008

I made my decision to use LOGBack as logging framework in my OSGI 
Enterprise application.
If you like to follow, I just started part 1 of a blog series about this 
and I'll also publish soon an OSGI Server example combining:

* Equinox as OSGI Framework
* EasyBeans OSGI as EJB3 Container w/ Hibernate JPA
* Eclipse Riena (Remote OSGI Services, UI Enhancements and more)
* SLF4J (LOGBack) as Logging Framework together with OSGI LogServices

http://ekkes-corner.org (or german: http://ekkes-ecke.org)


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