[logback-user] Logback, 2 ears and 1 jboss

José Juan Montiel josejuan.montiel at eurobits.es
Fri Aug 7 16:17:28 CEST 2009

Sorry... when i try to explain me quickly... :(

But very quickly answers...

> and de same number of appender in each file APP1_X1, APP2_X1... and
> APP1_X2, APP2_X2...
> And when application start server output...
> APP1_X1
> APP1_X_n-(x)
> ..
> APP2_X2_n-(x+1)
> APP2_X2_n
> In a standalond example (1 jar, 1 jvm), works ok....
> In a few words, this is the problem...
> And another question, diferences between documentation about
> wars/tomcat and ears/jboss?
> Thanks in advice, and greate job.

The logs that appear in the stdout of jboss, show how logback read the
configuration... and only show the first part of first include file,
and the second part of the second included file.

And, there is diferences between how deploy 2 wars in tomcat and 2
ears in jboss, related with "globaly" logback.xml configuration...

> PD: Git seems great for branches and branches... and offline, but as
> the first response, i thin there is good: "eclipse team sincronize"

Git is great for "branch" a code and later merge, and works ofline,
this is good for peoplo who'll try new improvements... but still thres
is not a good "eclipse team synchronize plugin" i think (subclipse is

Thanks and sorry.
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