[logback-user] Redirecting logback logs to log4j

Johan Bos johan.bos at c6.eu
Wed Aug 19 10:12:19 CEST 2009



I designed component, packaged in jars, using slf4j and logback, this
library is then packaged with a third party application using log4j.


I presumed that slf4j and logback could be used to change your log system
depending on the loaded libraries of your classpath.


Here my configuration:


my_library.jar using only slf4j and at some point logback dependencies


included with it:




log4j.jar --> already present in the war.



All these libraries are installed into a third part webapp application
(client_app.war), directly under the WEB-INF/lib directory of this

This application has a log4j.properties, in the classes directory, changes
are made to create a log4j logger.


At my understanding, my library's log events should be redirecting from
slf4j/logback to log4j, using the log4j.properties, and so be written in the
"client_app..log" configured?


Am I wrong?


Do I still need a logback.xml to be located under the classes of this
webapps as well?




Johan Bos

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