[logback-user] remote logging?

Rusty Wright rusty.wright at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 19:09:17 CET 2009

I have a batch job that's a jar file with a class that has a main method and the jar is run by the unix cron daemon every day.  It runs on a production server that I don't have access to; I have to go to our release management (aka production control) team and ask them to make a zip file of my batch job's log files when I need to look at them.

I was wondering if I could make it log remotely, but the only other server that's always up and accessible to me and others is our web farm.  But the web farm machines are locked down and the only port that's open that I could use is 80 (and 443), which would go to an existing tomcat of mine.

I'm thinking that what I could use is the nonexistent HttpAppender.  I searched the archives and saw someone else asking about that and it seemed like there wasn't much interest in creating an HttpAppender and concern about an HttpAppender slowing things down too much.

Are there alternatives that I could use?

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