[logback-user] File not rolling over with SizeBasedTriggeringPolicy

Gianni Doe gdoe6545 at yahoo.it
Fri Jan 16 11:51:27 CET 2009

Thanks Ceki
I can confirm at is now working fine with full path specified.

On 16/gen/09, at 11:29, Ceki Gulcu wrote:

> Hello Gianni,
> I have opened a jira issue regarding this problem. Its url is
>   http://jira.qos.ch/browse/LBCLASSIC-105
> Looking at the configuration file, the File property reads
> "${catalina.home}/logs/rp.log" while the FileNamePattern property is  
> set to
> "rp.%i.log.gz". This means that the archived files will be located  
> in current
> folder. If you wish to have the archived files located next to the  
> current log
> file, you need to set FileNamePattern property to
> "${catalina.home}/logs/rp.%i.log.gz"
> I have tested your configuration file, and it seems to work just fine.
> If there are indeed problems with the roll over, they should be  
> visible by
> printing logback's internal status. Here is code that does that:
>     LoggerContext lc = (LoggerContext)  
> LoggerFactory.getILoggerFactory();
>     StatusPrinter.print(lc);
> Invoke it after roll over occurs or at application exit.

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