[logback-user] Minimal library dependency for logback implementation of RequestLogImpl

Russell E Glaue rglaue at cait.org
Fri Jan 23 15:47:26 CET 2009

Okay then, this is great.

Then despite the fact that both Geronimo and Jetty do not implement the latest
slf4j, they can implement the latest logback-core/access.

I have already requested that Jetty implement the latest 1.5.6 of slf4j, it is
in issue: http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/JETTY-865

I will do the same for Geronimo.
But since logback-core/access is not tied in dependency to slf4j, I can request
the upgrade for slf4j and support for logback both at the same time.

And when slf4j web site (http://www.slf4j.org/) lists, on the left side, that
logback is a native implementation, it is referring to logback-classic only as
the native implementation of slf4j. So I would assume logback-classic does have
a dependency on slf4j since it is performing native implementation of it.

Since we are on this topic, can you answer the same question in regards to
 Can any application use slf4j 1.3.1 OR slf4j 1.4.3 libraries, and
 then at the same time use logback-classic 0.9.14 libraries without
 any problems? Or will there be a dependency conflict?
 In other words, is logback-classic dependent on slf4j?


Ceki Gulcu wrote:
> Russell E Glaue wrote:
>> Yes, I am only interested in logback-access so that I can implement the
>> jetty.RequestLogImpl for Geronimo-Jetty 2.1.3
>> And you say to do this I only need the logback-core/access libraries.
> Yes, that's what I am saying.
>> I asked what the relationship was between logback and slf4j.
>> Can I assume from what you are saying that logback-core and
>> logback-access in no
>> way have anything to do with slf4j in any way?
> You can assume that. Actually, I can guarantee it.
>> So, to get to my results, Geronimo-Jetty 2.1.3 implements slf4j-api
>> 1.4.3 (Jetty
>> 6.1.14 implements slf4j 1.3.1).
>> If I load the logback-access and logback-core 1.5.6 libraries into
>> Geronimo, is
>> there going to be any issues or conflicts with specifically the slf4j
>> 1.4.3
>> support in Geronimo?
> If Geronimo and Jetty integrate well at present, adding logback-access
> to the mix will have no impact on Geronimo and Jetty integration. If you
> wish, it would not hurt to ask Geronimo and Jetty developers to upgrade
> to the latest version of SLF4J, that is 1.5.6.
>> In other words, will loading logback-core/access 1.5.6 into Geronimo
>> override
>> any part of the existing slf4j 1.4.3 library?
> No, as logback-core and logback-access are unrelated to SLF4J.
>> Can any application use slf4j 1.3.1 OR slf4j 1.4.3 libraries, and then
>> at the
>> same time use logback-core and logback-access 0.9.14 libraries without
>> any problems?
> Please see above.
>> -RG

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