[logback-user] Minimal library dependency for logback implementation of RequestLogImpl

Ceki Gulcu ceki at qos.ch
Tue Jan 27 21:09:51 CET 2009

Russell E Glaue wrote:

> But I am not seeing how including LGPL libraries in a distribution, which only
> provides additional options, can be a problem. Especially as Ceki says Logback
> code is actually implementing an interface with an APL license.
> The only thing to be careful of is that if there are any derived works from the
> LGPL libraries, that the code is probably contributed to the LGPL licensed work
> instead of the APL licensed work.

The LGPL 2.1 license has a rather ambiguous definition of "derivative
work". See conditions 5 and 6 of the LGPL 2.1. The ASF folks have a
conservative interpretation of the LGPL terms, preferring to forbid
Apache projects from referencing software licensed under the LGPL. The
poor communication channel between the ASF and the FSF has not helped
to clarify matters. If I remember correctly, some years ago the
ASF has asked to clarify the terms of LGPL. FSF's answer was rather
unsatisfactory. That's my understanding of the matter.

> So if I want to contribute some code to Geronimo which the code actually is a
> derived work of Logback libraries, I should contribute it to Logback and then
> put in a request to upgrade the Logback libraries in Geronimo so that support
> exists there.

> And this answer a previous question of where to commit the GBean implementation
> of the Logback Jetty RequestLogImpl for Geronimo. We should contribute it to
> Logback for inclusion in release X, then lobby Geronimo to support release X of
> Logback.

I would not hold my breath until the licensing issues are resolved.

In order to move forward quickly, you could simply create your own oss project 
and develop your GBean there, licensed under LGPL. By the way, if you don't 
intend to distribute the GBean, you could use any license.

Those wishing to use your GBean would install it manually into their Geronimo 
installation after downloading it from your project's site. I am just mentioning 
this as an alternative.

Depending on what your GBean does, it could be part of the logback project. (We 
have an incubator.) Could you please remind us of what you GBean does?


Ceki Gülcü
Logback: The reliable, generic, fast and flexible logging framework for Java.

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