[logback-user] Minimal library dependency for logback implementation of RequestLogImpl

Ceki Gulcu ceki at qos.ch
Wed Jan 28 17:07:13 CET 2009

Russell E Glaue wrote:
> The GBean is a Geronimo construct, however if Geronimo does not bundle the
> Logback library in with it, then it seems ridiculous to include the GBean in
> Geronimo which depends on an external library not available in the Geronimo distro.
> Instead it makes more since to put it in the Logback distro.
> Logback implements the Jetty RequestLog, as RequestLogImpl. This implementation
> is in the Logback distro, not Jetty. Jetty does not incorporate Logback, so it
> would seem funny to give the implementation to Jetty unless they also agree to
> accept the Logback libraries into the distribution.
> On the other hand, if we implement a log4j version of RequestLog, that should go
> into the Jetty namespace, and not the Log4j namespace, as Log4j is distributed
> with Jetty.
> Overall, I agree with you. It would seem logical that the RequestLogImpl (of
> Logack) be distributed as part of Jetty, and the GBean wrapper for it
> distributed with Geronimo, but if Jetty and Geronimo do not bundle the Logback
> library, I do not see that as making sense.

I thought that you were interested in providing access-log functionality for a 
widely-deployed application in the enterprise/institution where you work. Why is 
it so important in which project your GBean extension lives? Put differently, 
why do wish to redistribute the GBean extension?

> -RG

Ceki Gülcü
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