[logback-user] Minimal library dependency for logback implementation of RequestLogImpl

Ceki Gulcu ceki at qos.ch
Wed Jan 28 19:24:11 CET 2009

Hello Russell,

Obviously, it would be nice if your contribution became part of the default 
installation. However, your contribution can be helpful even if it is not part 
of the default Geronimo distribution.

Implementing accessing-logging with log4j would not be easy. I think you would 
end up rewriting log4j which is presumably not your intention.

Notwithstanding the license issue, I still think you can have sweet deal. Here 
is how I see it.

- Write a GBean with the jetty/logback-access extension.
- Create a project in sourceforge to host it.
- Add one page documentation on installing your GBean in Geronimo.
- Locally, you would distribute your own version of Geronimo (with your 
extension already installed). You would then install that version in your farm.

(The above is just an indication.)

Many log4j extensions are not hosted in log4j. The same is true for logback. 
It's nice if an extension becomes part of the main distribution but it does not 
have to.


Russell E Glaue wrote:
> Why would I not contribute it back?
> I have a commitment to see Geronimo prosper. I think it needs an enterprise
> capable logging mechanism. Plus at least one other person has responded that
> they are also interested in it.
> Once it is in the code, the community supports it, and it is a part of the
> default installations which our developers will all be using.
> Makes it easier for us manage.
> Our environment is a 40-server Geronimo farm. With over 30 web sites, and over
> 50 web applications. The less I have to manage, the better.

Ceki Gülcü
Logback: The reliable, generic, fast and flexible logging framework for Java.

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