[logback-user] Exception Handler

Thorbjoern Ravn Andersen ravn at runjva.com
Tue May 12 08:28:27 CEST 2009

Brian Moschel skrev:
> Hey guys,
> I have a Jetty application that I configured with Logback.  I am 
> trying to set it up so any errors that occur during execution are 
> emailed to me.  I am a bit of a noobie, and so far I haven't had any 
> luck with this.  I can only get exceptions emailed to me if I 
> explicitly set a try/catch block in my code everywhere and call 
> logger.error(...).  Is there an easy way to cause all exceptions to be 
> logged and emailed to me via my SMTPAppender?
Would an approach with a Error page configured in your web application 
which knows how to call logger.error be usable?

If so, you most likely (taken from memory) need to wrap your checked 
exceptions in a servlet exception so they can bubble up to the web 
application, which then invokes the error page.

  Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen  "...plus... Tubular Bells!"

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