[logback-user] logging arrays?

Jeff Jensen jjensen at apache.org
Tue Nov 3 00:11:12 CET 2009

Thanks for trying and verifying!

And I'm using the same slf4j, but 0.9.17 logback.
I entered a defect item to start with...

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Jeff Jensen skrev:
> Not sure about that...  To share the issue, I just created a small test
> that exhibits the behavior; the files are attached.
> Just run the test class - you will see an int[] works fine, but a Type[]
> obtained from reflection does not.
> I'm stumped...
> Needs a debug session into logback code which I'm pressed to do ATM.
I can reproduce your description. 

23:48:28.486 [main] DEBUG logback.LogArrayTest - the array=[1, 2, 3, 4, 
5, 6, 7, 8]
23:48:28.559 [main] DEBUG logback.ParameterizedTypeTestClass - 
23:48:28.559 [main] DEBUG logback.ParameterizedTypeTestClass - 
ActualTypeArguments=class java.lang.Long
23:48:28.560 [main] DEBUG logback.ParameterizedTypeTestClass - 
ActualTypeArguments array count=2
23:48:28.560 [main] DEBUG logback.ParameterizedTypeTestClass - 
type=class java.lang.Long
23:48:28.560 [main] DEBUG logback.ParameterizedTypeTestClass - 
type=class java.lang.Object

The tricky code is:

        Type[] types = genericSuperClass.getActualTypeArguments();
        LOG.debug("ActualTypeArguments={}", types);
        // only displays the first element:
        // ActualTypeArguments=class java.lang.Long

        LOG.debug("ActualTypeArguments array count={}", types.length);
        for (Type type : types) {
            LOG.debug("type={}", type);

This is with slf4j 1.5.8 and logback 0.9.15

  Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen  "...plus... Tubular Bells!"

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