[logback-user] Lilith 0.9.37 has been released!

Joern Huxhorn jhuxhorn at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 12 02:54:10 CET 2009

The changes in this release focus on suggestions I received from users.
Some have the topic of increasing the usable screen-space of the application 
(hiding of statusbar, toolbar, getting rid of the tab-bar in case of
an unfiltered view) while others have been implemented to increase
performance (ability to disable the global logs & statistics, a native
"Level>=" condition, CallLocation condition).

It was very interesting to discover how different people are using Lilith
in totally different ways.
Please keep me informed and flood me with suggestions.

Thanks, and have fun with Lilith 0.9.37!


- Change of active Conditions was not repainting views.
  This was only the case in internal betas.
  This was reported by Alfred.
- Removed additivity from the debug loggers.
  Debug logger events won't show up in the Lilith log or the console.
- Prevented duplicate start of application by the same user.
  Duplicate startup by a different user is still possible but quite
  useless until the event receivers are configurable.
  This was requested by Joe.
- Enhanced debug dialog. Better layout and tooltips.
- Added option to disable the creation of statistics.
- Added "Copy call location" action.
  This is quite useful in combination with the CallLocation condition.
- Added CallLocation condition that returns true if the first element
  of the call stack equals the given StackTraceElement.
- Added option to disable global logs.
  This was requested by Joe.
- Preventing saved conditions with duplicate name or condition.
- The Appenders are now supporting the "Adder-Idiom" that is common
  for Logback appenders.
  You can now use multiple <RemoteHost> tags to define the remote hosts.
- Replaced JCheckboxMenuItem in Window menu with a JMenuItem containing
  an Icon if the entry has a frame.
- Toolbar of mainframe was not switched active after attach.
- Toolbar of mainframe stayed active after detach.
- Removed appBuildNumber from title. It was annoying at best.
- Enhanced "Check for update" dialog.
- Implement optional "Tip of the Day" dialog.
- Added "Level>=" as a native default condition to increase performance.
- Copy actions are now working correctly in case of external frames.
  This was reported by Matthias "Alfred" Neumann.
- Updated protobuf to 2.2.0.
- Jumping to the unfiltered event didn't work the first time
  if Tail was enabled.
  This was reported by Joe.
- Preferences dialog can now be closed by pressing Enter.
  This was suggested by Vlad Satanovski.
- Table and message view are now having reasonable preferred sizes
  (needed because of splitpane).
- Replaced tabs of event view with a combobox.
  The combobox is only visible if there are filtered views.
  There's also more room for the condition string.
  Something like this was suggested by Scott Stanton and Joe.
- Added "Execute GC" to Troubleshooting.
- Added option to show/hide the statusbar.
- Added option to show/hide the toolbar.
  This was suggested by Scott Stanton, Ekkehard Gentz and Joe.
- Added "Context" column for logging events.
- Updated keyboard help. Better symbol for "Ctrl"/"cmd".
- Added "Troubleshooting..." menu item in "Help" menu as a shortcut
  to the throubleshooting section of Preferences.
- Added new command "Copy Properties" to Troubleshooting
  section of Preferences.
- Removed useless Statistics action for current source.
  Statistics can be obtained using "Window" => "Statistics".
- Added persistent zoom-in (*command* .) and zoom-out (*command* shift .)
  of details view.
- Events did sometimes show up twice in filtered views.
  This was caused by a classic off-by-one error.
  Reported by Joe.
- Fixed a remaining hang in the multiplex appenders in case of
  certain network problems.
- Updated Groovy to 1.6.5.
- Updated Logback to 0.9.17.
  This fixes issue 63 that was caused by a Logback bug.
  Thanks for the fast fix, Ceki!

Known Issues:

- Mac OS X 10.5 + 10.6:
  Shortcuts/Accelerators are not working if both the "Tip of the Day"
  and "Check for Update" dialogs show after startup.
  This seems to be a bug in the Java implementation from Apple.
- Selection in the HTML view is currently somewhat buggy,
  especially in case of scaled view.
  This is a limitation of Flying Saucer that's used as the XHTML renderer.

I've switched the SCM of both sulky and lilith to GIT.
The Subversion repositories are only kept for historical reasons.

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