[logback-user] sending log events from BlackBerry devices

ekke ekkehard at gentz-software.de
Tue Aug 10 23:09:01 CEST 2010

last months I had to develop some mobile applications for a customer -
it was the first time developing in this area

and what was the first I really missed ? yes - Logging

BlackBerry Java apps are using Java - something like 1.3 plus some RIM API,
so no collections (only vector and Array), no generics.....

  and logging the BlackBerry way means: System.out()  :(
and this output is only availabel if the simulator was started in 
debug-mode, what's time-consuming
and if you're running the debugger, then the output in Console is mixed 
with hundreds of events RIM is logging there -
no, there's no filtering

so I started to think how to get logging ?

and now its working:

I'm using Lilith from Jörn Huxhorn and sending zipped LogEvents in 
LogBack format as XML thru a socket connection,
and - thanks to the help of Jörn - its working :)

will do some more tests with real apps in real life and then provide as EPL

...I'll let you know

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