[logback-user] smtpappender buffer size

Chris Cheshire cheshirator at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 23:45:25 CEST 2010

I am really baffled at this change. How is the "relevant buffer" determined?

When I get 255 debug and info messages attached to one error email,
this is far from relevant. The only relevant log message is the error,
not anything else with it.

"Given the structure of current hard drives and performance tests we
have conducted, it appears that turning off immediate flushing or
buffering of character to byte conversions have rather small impact on

But forcing the SMTPAppender to send a 250KB email instead of a 1KB
email is not a small impact on performance? I have this running on a
web app, where an error might occur once every few days. I don't need
to see info or debug messages days old for one error - there is zero
relevance here.

Looking at the SiftingAppender docs, I don't see how to achieve this.

Sorry if I sound irritated, I am just completely bewildered by this
introduction of something so cumbersome and obscure in replacing such
a simple feature


On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 4:58 PM, Ceki Gülcü <ceki at qos.ch> wrote:
> SMTPAppender now manages multiple buffers simultaneously, sending only the
> relevant buffer in case of a triggering event (usually an error). Thus, you
> can have SMTPAppender  send you an email containing the events for the
> current user. Anyway, if you wish to have the buffer size settable to 1,
> please enter a bug report. See also the docs for SiftingAppender.
> On 19/08/2010 8:09 PM, Chris Cheshire wrote:
>> I just upgraded from 0.9.17 to 0.9.24 and now my SMTPAppender is
>> dysfunctional.
>> Previously it had a BufferSize option that I had set to 1 so that I
>> could send out a single email per error.
>> Now I get the error and 255 of it's closest debug, info, and warn
>> friends even though the appender is only triggered by error messages.
>> This makes for error emails that are ludicrously long and contain 99%
>> chaff.
>> I need to be able to configure the SMTPAppender to be able to have a
>> buffer size of 1. How do I do this with the latest configuration
>> model? I looked at the docs for the evaluator, and I am unclear if
>> this is what I have to use, and even how to use it.
>> Help!
>> Chris
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