[logback-user] Multiple JVMs writing to a single log file

Becker, Thomas Thomas.Becker at netapp.com
Fri Aug 27 20:50:34 CEST 2010

Sun 1.6.  I think the exact version is 1.6.0_17, but I'm not 100% sure as it was a colleague that observed the behavior on his machine.  After some investigation around this feature I'm guessing that even though it appears to work for short periods, that we are likely to run into issues when log files get rotated.  Again, we didn't intentionally try this, it's more like something we noticed after the fact and were surprised that it seemed to work.

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Interesting. The only explanation I would have for this behavior would 
be OS support in append mode (when you set the append property to true). 
Which JDK are you using?

On 27/08/2010 8:11 PM, Becker, Thomas wrote:
> I had a question about multiple JVMs writing to a single logfile.  I'm
> aware of the "prudent" setting on FileAppender and that its purpose is
> to allow this. But we have noticed that we are getting the expected
> behavior without turning prudent mode on. That is, we are seeing the
> output of both processes interleaved in the single file even with
> prudent=false. So my question is, are we just getting lucky? Is this due
> to the platform we're running on (Linux) and will it break on Windows?
> Honestly we are probably going to switch to logging to separate files
> per application instance, I was just curious as to why this is working
> and what would be different ifwe enabled prudent mode.

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