[logback-user] Redirect stderr-stdout standard streams

Gilles Gaillard gillouxgaillard at wanadoo.fr
Tue Feb 23 12:07:06 CET 2010


I'm new to logback and would like to know if the following already exist / is possible, i searched the mailing list but did not find this.

I've a GUI application performing usual logging through logback (that's ok) and would ensure that any unexpected failure(s) be logged.
For example, unexpected errors occuring on the swing EDT go the std err.
Usually I would do this by redirecting the standard out/err streams to some file output. Note also that I would like to ensure that logs from different threads will log properly. For example, stack traces should not be mangled by other logs.

I wonder it is possible to do this through the logback configuration. 
If not what would be the best way.

-- Gilles 
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