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what's your logback version?

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Okay, I try to explain it again: I would like to setting up the loglevels not only for a package, but for a method of a class. I have no default way so it doesn't matter how to solve it. But it is important that I can configure this rules easy in the logback.xml. Of course multiple loggers would work, but I dont want to take hand on the existing code. 
How could this work with markers? 
I had a look into the turbo filter, and yes it works perfect. I have defined a class LoggingRule which contains the classname and functionname for the Filtering. It looks like this: 
                <filter class="de.degussabank.logging.LoggingRuleFilter"> 
                        <loggingRule class="de.degussabank.logging.LoggingRule"> 
But the problem I how can I configure the TurboFilter easily? I expect a lot of different rules and don't want to blast my configuration file. First I thought that I could do something like include another configuration file but this only works for appenders etc. not for enclosed elements like a filter... 
Is my explanation comprehendible? 
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You really didn't provide enough information on what you are trying to accomplish.  What you are trying to do is filter what events are logged. You could accomplish that by using Markers, multiple loggers, or a configurable TurboFilter (the turbo filter can inspect the method name of the caller).  
On Sep 20, 2010, at 7:21 AM, marc.baumgartner at degussa-bank.de wrote: 
Hi all, 
 is there a possibility to log depending on the class or method? For example I have the following scenario: 
 package a.b.c 
 public Class D{ 
         Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(D.class); 
         public void method1(){ 
         public void method2(){ 
 I look for something like this in logback configuration: 
 <logger name="a.b.c.D#method1" level="INFO" /> 
 <root level="WARN"> 
 After calling method1 and method2 I would expect only the log entry of method 2. 
 Is this possible? 
 Thanks & regards, 
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