[logback-user] Multiple web-applications logging to same file

Ceki Gulcu ceki at qos.ch
Thu Apr 7 18:44:12 CEST 2011

As David mentioned prudent mode caters for this use case. It should 
should work nicely.

BTW, I did not see get the original message from "LogbackUser" 
apparently posted from nabble.


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On 07.04.2011 17:56, David Roussel wrote:
> Use prudent mode - http://logback.qos.ch/manual/appenders.html#FileAppender
> LogbackUser wrote:
>> Are there any configuration properties through which multiple
>> web-applications using logback could be configured to log to the same log
>> file? This is taking into consideration that the messages would be logged
>> concurrently without losing any messages.
>> The reason I ask this question is that - we have a clustered environment
>> of glassfish server instances where the same web application is installed
>> on all the server instances in the cluster.

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