[logback-user] Why DEBUG by default?

David Tkaczyk djt69 at comcast.net
Thu Apr 28 15:28:17 CEST 2011

I'm puzzled that you would even think of fixing it this way when the right
thing to do is just to make sure your production environment is configured
properly and that it will always find a config file.  How is it that you
don't have complete control over your production environment configuration?
Am I missing something?


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When logback cannot find configuration file anywhere, it sets the default to
send everything to standard output and the level is set to DEBUG. 


This creates a big problem in our production environment: super-verbose log
that is even difficult to look at. 


My solution was to create a small wrapper using JoranConfigurator. This
works great, and I can do whatever I need. 


However, here is the downside: my code is no longer ignorant of logback.
Previously it was purely slf4j everywhere, but now every class is indirectly
dependent on logback stuff (though it is limited to 2 lines in every java
file). This defeats the purpose of slf4j as pure facade. 


Is there any better solution? 

Our problem is, we need to guarantee that no matter what happens in the
logging layer, it should never go wild and produce all that debugging noise.




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