[logback-user] CSS configuration

Ceki Gülcü ceki at qos.ch
Thu Feb 10 00:04:34 CET 2011

Hi Benoit,

Including the CSS in a jar file and then including it via a custom 
CssBuilder should not be a problem. Try to write one and see how it goes.

As for ExplicitCssBuilder,  I think all you need is to define a String 
property called "cssTest", the rest should be automatically taken
care of by logback/joran.

Holler if you run into trouble.


On 09/02/2011 11:39 PM, Benoit Xhenseval wrote:
> Hi *
> Our flagship product has been using SLF4J for years but we're switching
> to LogBack and so far...loving it!
> We have a question about the CSS builder we could be using for HTML emails.
> We noticed the DefaultCssBuilder and the UrlCssBuilder, however is there
> a way to either include the CSS in a jar file, or to specify the CSS in
> the XML file directly?

> Something like:
>     <cssBuilder  class="ch.qos.logback.classic.html.*_ExplicitCssBuilder_*">
>         <!-- url where the css file is located -->
>         <cssText>
> ...the CSS Text itself....
>      </cssText>
>     </cssBuilder>
> Is it something that exists or something that somebody would be willing
> to provide code or guidelines?
> Many thanks
> Benoit
> Appendium Ltd

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