[logback-user] log4j StringMatchFilter porting to logback

Ceki Gülcü ceki at qos.ch
Tue Feb 22 18:11:37 CET 2011

On 22/02/2011 5:47 PM, Fabio Erculiani wrote:
> Hi there, it's me again,
> just wondering, what's the best way to reproduce the behaviour of
> log4j StringMatchFilter in logback?
> Do I have to use ch.qos.logback.core.filter.EvaluatorFilter ?

You can re-write StringMatchFilter by extending Filter or 
AbstractMatcherFilter classes both located in the 
ch.qos.logback.core.filter package.

You could also learn to use EvaluatorFilter with GEventEvaluator (takes 
an expression in Groovy) or JaninoEventEvaluator (takes an expression in 
Java. See [1] for details.

Re-writing StringMatchFilter should be rather easy and will not require 
any other dependencies. Using JaninoEventEvaluator will require Janino 
and GEventEvaluator will require the Groovy runtime. However, 
JaninoEventEvaluator/GEventEvaluator are much easier to extend should 
your needs go beyond just string matching on the log message.

[1] http://logback.qos.ch/manual/filters.html#evalutatorFilter

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