[logback-user] tomcat configuration - jndi selector initialization printed three times

Markus Meisters markus.meisters at web.de
Tue Jan 25 20:52:32 CET 2011


just tried to set up logging with logback on tomcat6. When I start tomcat with my webapplication I get the message from
the jndi context selector "searching for mylogback.xml" followed with 
status information lines 3 times within my catalina.out (the timestamps
 are the same) and wonder if this as expected?

What I did:
- copied logback core, classic, access and the slf4j api libraries to 
tomcats lib folder. I added the valve to the server.xml (but no 
logback-access.xml right now). I added the 
"-Dlogback.ContextSelector=JNDI" within setenv.sh.

Within web.xml I added the filter and listener as recommended, added both jndi env entries as stated within chapter 9.

There is just one webapp running currently, but need to set up same webapp within same tomcat multiple times.

Did I missed anything or do you have any idea why the message is displayed three times?

Many thanks in advance
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