[logback-user] DBNameResolver

Merritt H Derr MDerr at nycm.com
Fri Jan 28 15:23:23 CET 2011


I realize now that I never paid attention to this because in my use of the 
database logging, I had to create my own DBAppender class and it overrides 
the append method in DBAppenderBase and so doesn't rely on the EVENT_ID 
field name as used in the DBAppenderBase append method. I make all the 
calls to build the various SQL statements in the start method of my 
appender and then subsequently call the DBAppenderBase start method.

For the standard logback code it looks like you are correct that the user 
is stuck with the EVENT_ID name in their event table.


From:   Roy Cronise <sweep at ccyor.com>
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Date:   01/27/2011 08:14 PM
Subject:        [logback-user] DBNameResolver
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DBAppenderBase isn't in the loop, but has the event id column
name(EVENT_ID) coded into it and doesn't use the DBNameResolver.  The
event id column name is needed when they create the prepared statement
in DBAppenderBase and the database supports getGeneratedKeys.  Maybe
adding an abstract "getEventIdCol" in DBAppenderBase and implementing
it in DBAppender(which has the DBNameResolver).

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