[logback-user] How to direct calls to another API into Logback classic

Christopher BROWN brown at reflexe.fr
Fri Jun 10 20:13:48 CEST 2011

Hi Ceki,

Thanks for the pointer, that helped me solve the problem.

Can you explain a bit more about "FQCN" in LocationAwareLogger ?  Does
it just exclude particular stack frames (for class/methods in message
patterns, and exception stack traces), first occurrence, all
occurrences, or "look down the stack and hide everything until found"?


On Tuesday, 7 June 2011, Ceki Gülcü <ceki at qos.ch> wrote:
> Hi Christopher,
> Have a look at slf4j's XLogger [1] class. Note that it subclasses
> LoggerWrapper [2] which is responsible for most of the delegation work and preservation of caller origin.
> Shout if things remain unclear,
> --
> Ceki
> [1] http://slf4j.org/xref/org/slf4j/ext/XLogger.html
> [2] http://slf4j.org/xref/org/slf4j/ext/LoggerWrapper.html
> On 07/06/2011 10:02 PM, Christopher BROWN wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using Logback classic via the SLF4J API, in a big application
> where other log APIs (some standard, such as OSGI logging, and other
> proprietary in-house historical APIs) are present.
> I would like to re-implement these APIs to "redirect" onto Logback
> classic, but to get to the point: it's a big API and I'm lost.  If I
> reimplement said APIs with a naive implementation that just calls into
> SLF4J or logback using the "user" API, I'll incur an extra stack frame
> in stack traces and generally hide the origin of calls.
> What's the best, cleanest way of doing this (given SLF4J and the
> choice of logback classic) ?  I will add the Log4J API implementation
> to address some cases (the SLF4J implementation of Log4J APIs) but for
> the other stuff, I'm a bit stuck.
> Thanks,
> Christopher
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