[logback-user] Restricting JMX control certain loggers?

Steve Davis stev3zilla at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 17 21:53:49 CET 2011

Is it possible to configure logback so that most loggers' levels are modifiable 
via JMX, but restrict manipulation of certain loggers?  E.g., enable the JMX 
Configurator for the root logger, but disable it for specific loggers with 
additivity="false"?  It appears that the <jmxConfigurator /> element can only 
appear at the top level of a <configuration> block.

The goal, for my application, is to allow user control of logging in the field, 
for debugging, but not allow anyone to disable certain loggers that handle 
security-related events.  Preferably, those loggers wouldn't even show up in as 
attributes in jconsole.

(This is a Java desktop app, not web.)


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