[logback-user] multiple apps deployed in Tomcat

Ceki Gülcü ceki at qos.ch
Mon May 30 22:23:51 CEST 2011

On 30/05/2011 3:10 PM, Nathaniel Auvil wrote:
> I want to deploy multiple applications in Tomcat. Each one will include
> Logback jars. I need to have the log configuration file external to the
> war so i can change them on the fly.  Is the "best" way to do this to
> have an init servlet in each application which loads from the
> filesystem?  I can pass a system property on Tomcat startup which points
> to a "config" directory.

Hello Nathaniel,

You could include an external configuration file on a path dependent on 
the application. Example:

-- contents of logback.xml shipping within myApp1, one of your web-apps

<configuration scan="true">
   <include file="/a/path/myApp1/logback.xml"/>

Auto scan feature is documented at

-- contents of /a/path/myApp1/logback.xml

   ... other content

File inclusion is documented at

Note that logback will scan for changes in included files as well.


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