[logback-user] RollingFileAppender With Crontab Configuration

Andrew Bourgeois andrew.bourgeois at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 7 14:31:33 CET 2011


did anyone here develop some RollingFileAppender for LOGBack that works with a cron?
The customer I work for has an old bugged appender for LOG4J that tries to do that and has the following configuration:

log4j.appender.RollingFileCron.layout.ConversionPattern=%d{yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS} %m%n
log4j.appender.RollingFileCron.CronPattern=*/5 * * * *

I’m not allowed use the library in my personal “test” projects, and it’s bugged...

Key points are:
- It can roll files every 5 minutes, not just what the SimpleDateFormat offers.
- It’ll roll even without logging activity (even empty files are rolled, to prove that the app’s logging is still working) !

If there’s anything that does that, please let me know, thank you very much.

Best regards

Andrew Bourgeois
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