[logback-user] Custom appender and layout issue

Adam Gordon adam.n.gordon at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 05:44:19 CET 2011

Here you go:  git://github.com/icfantv/color-logback.git



adam.n.gordon at gmail.com

On Nov 9, 2011, at 5:04 PM, ceki wrote:

> It's hard to say without looking at the actual code. Can you place your code in github?
> -- 
> Ceki
> http://twitter.com/#!/ceki
> On 10.11.2011 00:50, Adam Gordon wrote:
>> That worked.  My custom encoder is doing everything I want and more.
>>  For some reason, it looks like Logback is calling the
>> doEncode(ILoggingEvent) twice as the log messages are showing up in
>> duplicate.  I've modified my XML to use the stock RollingFileAppender
>> and my custom encoder.  Any ideas?  My encoder is definitely only
>> calling the getFormattedMessage(...) method and writing it to the output
>> stream once.  Thanks.
>> --adam
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