[logback-user] Substituting class/method names in logback log files with original names when deploying obfuscated code

Christopher BROWN brown at reflexe.fr
Mon Nov 28 16:31:47 CET 2011


What would be the best way to handle logging with logback when deploying
obfuscated code?

For example, with YGuard, when the obfuscator runs, it outputs a mapping
file of obfuscated code (class names, method names, etc) to unobfuscated
code.  When a stacktrace or just any logging trace is output, the
class/method names are obviously obfuscated.  As it's possible to deploy
this mapping with the code, say embedded in the same ".jar", all the
information I would need is available.

Without too much re-writing of code (default formatting with logback), what
would be the best way to dynamically replace matching class/method names?

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