[logback-user] What support is needed to run with logback.groovy configuration?

ceki ceki at qos.ch
Sat Aug 25 01:16:33 CEST 2012

If I understand correctly, removing the line "def logdir==..." allows 
the logback.groovy script to be successfully parsed ?

On 25.08.2012 01:08, Steve Cohen wrote:
> Thanks, Robert, now we are getting somewhere.
> Indeed, my logback.groovy contains the line
>      def logdir = ${files.root}/logdir
> This came from a translation of my logback.xml by ceki's handy converter
> webpage.  Logback.xml had
>      <property name="logdir" value = "${files.root}/logdir" />
> where files.root is the name of a System property.
> So the question is, is there a way to express a system property name in
> groovy and what is it?
> Steve
> Indeed
> On 08/24/2012 02:50 PM, Robert Elliot wrote:
>> I haven't used the groovy config, but it sounds to me like you
>> effectively have a compile error in your config - you are using the
>> word "files" as an identifier somewhere where the Logback groovy
>> config is not expecting it.
>> Groovy DSLs tend to work by doing a lot of clever stuff around syntax,
>> building on the fact that at compile time Groovy doesn't know what
>> properties may be available on a class at runtime.  Consequently you
>> don't get compile time indicators as to whether you are getting the
>> syntax of the DSL right; instead it fails at runtime, complaining that
>> a property was not present.
>> Rob
>> On 24 Aug 2012, at 20:00, Steve Cohen <scohen at javactivity.org> wrote:
>>> After upgrading to logback-1.0.7 and groovy 2.0.0, the problem below
>>> continues to be an issue and I am unable to make progress with it.
>>> The error messages are the same.
>>> Failed to instantiate [ch.qos.logback.classic.LoggerContext]
>>> Reported exception:
>>> groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: files for
>>> class: Script1
>>> I am no groovy expert.  I want to use groovy only because it offers a
>>> terser notation than xml configuration that would enable me to more
>>> easily manage my configuration on the fly.
>>> But I can't get past this error or know what it even means.
>>>     No such property: files for class: Script1
>>> I have no clue how to solve this.  Can someone please help?  What is
>>> it trying to tell me?  I know of no "Script1"
>>> Steve
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