[logback-user] Log Message regardless of Log Level

Shane Kelly logback at ballinascreen.com
Fri Dec 14 23:42:14 CET 2012


Just wondering if there is a capability within Logback for writing a log
message regardless of whatever log level has been set in configuration.
Consider the scenario where I want my web application to output some
diagnostic information at startup or shutdown - for example, the Web
Application version, build date etc. If I were to set the log level of
these messages to be TRACE, DEBUG, or INFO then its possible they may never
be displayed since the app may typically be configured to run with a log
level of WARN. Similarly, I don't want to set the log level of the messages
to WARN, ERROR or FATAL in order to ensure that they do get displayed since
they're not really error messages, and if we monitor the log files for
WARN, ERROR or FATAL messages then this would trigger a false positive.

So, is there some way to force a message to be logged at all times,
independently of log level? Or some way to achieve this effect via existing
configuration. Arguably I suppose this is bending the rules slightly, in
that it could be abused - why offer the ability to filter certain log
levels if an application can override/ignore them - but perhaps this is
something which could be configurable/switchable?


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