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Shane Kelly logback at ballinascreen.com
Wed Dec 19 01:30:30 CET 2012

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the info - glad there are others out there with similar
requirements. I guess a separate logger specifically for this purpose is
another way to approach it alright - definitely worth considering. I think
I'm gonna try extending the existing ThresholdFilter (or creating a new
filter based on it) as a first attempt, see how that goes, and failing that
try the separate logger route. Good to have options.



On 19 December 2012 00:12, Daniel Ferber <dffforum at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Shane,
> In a similar situation, I used another approach. First I considered using
> markers on each initialization log message. Then I used a logger dedicated
> exclusively for initialization. This dedicated logger was configured to log
> everything, regardless of other loggers.
> Both solutions, markers or dedicated logger, require you to handle the
> initialization messages differently and to provide proper configuration for
> them. IMHO, the approach of a dedicated logger is much simpler to
> understand and to configure.
> Best regards,
> Daniel Felix Ferber
> 2012/12/14 Shane Kelly <logback at ballinascreen.com>
>>  Folks,
>> Just wondering if there is a capability within Logback for writing a log
>> message regardless of whatever log level has been set in configuration.
>> Consider the scenario where I want my web application to output some
>> diagnostic information at startup or shutdown - for example, the Web
>> Application version, build date etc. If I were to set the log level of
>> these messages to be TRACE, DEBUG, or INFO then its possible they may never
>> be displayed since the app may typically be configured to run with a log
>> level of WARN. Similarly, I don't want to set the log level of the messages
>> to WARN, ERROR or FATAL in order to ensure that they do get displayed since
>> they're not really error messages, and if we monitor the log files for
>> WARN, ERROR or FATAL messages then this would trigger a false positive.
>> So, is there some way to force a message to be logged at all times,
>> independently of log level? Or some way to achieve this effect via existing
>> configuration. Arguably I suppose this is bending the rules slightly, in
>> that it could be abused - why offer the ability to filter certain log
>> levels if an application can override/ignore them - but perhaps this is
>> something which could be configurable/switchable?
>> Regards,
>> Shane
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