[logback-user] Multiple date patterns in filename pattern

Chris Lemper clemper at verical.com
Tue Feb 28 17:42:30 CET 2012

Hi Logback users!

I would like to store daily log files in the format:


So that the end result is:


That is I would like all daily log files for a given month in a single directory but each log file containing the full date.

However, when I configure this filename pattern using ch.qos.logback.core.rolling.TimeBasedRollingPolicy, logback bases the rolling policy only on the first pattern:

 INFO in c.q.l.core.rolling.DefaultTimeBasedFileNamingAndTriggeringPolicy - The date pattern is 'yyyy/MM' from file name pattern '/logs/%d{yyyy/MM}/app.%d{yyyyMMdd}.log'.
 INFO in c.q.l.core.rolling.DefaultTimeBasedFileNamingAndTriggeringPolicy - Rollover at start of every month.

Is it possible to accomplish this, even by just forcing the rollover to be daily (at midnight) independent of the filename pattern?  I have looked through the mailing lists, documentation, and source code and cannot figure out how or if it can be done.

Chris Lemper
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