[logback-user] SMTPAppender mail not sent (logback 1.0.0, JDK 1.5)

Louis-Félix louisfelix at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 22:25:04 CET 2012


I upgraded to logback 1.0.0 in a web application (tomcat 5, JDK 1.5), and
the ERROR email are not sent anymore from the SMTPAppender.
When I rollback my logback-core and logback-classic JARs to version 0.9.30,
it's working again.

I have a simple config:

    <appender name="courriel"
        <to>xxx at xxx.xx.xx</to>
        <from>no-reply.ti at xxx.xx.xx</from>
        <layout class="ch.qos.logback.classic.html.HTMLLayout">

I am using logback 1.0.0 with no problem in an other project (with JDK 1.6).
Is there any known compatibility problem between logback 1.0.0 and JDK 1.5?

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