[logback-user] multiple log files question

J.V. jvsrvcs at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 21:34:26 CEST 2012

I want to start a new project with logback and leave log4j behind and 
see how it goes.

We have an upgrade process for which I want to create multiple log files 
in my application:

A summary log file
A debug log file
A cleanup log file
An error log file

Summary:    <= will contain info and errors
Debug:        <= will contain info, warnings, errors, debug - 
everything, the kitchen sink
Cleanup       <= will contain statements (info) about which rows from a 
database were deleted as a result of the cleanup (these could be spread 
throughout the program in many class files)
Error            <= will contain warnings, errors only

I am trying to put together a logback.groovy that would do this and test 
with some Java classes but am having some difficulty.

Is there a way I can configure this in a logback.groovy and then have 
each of the statements needed go to the specific files created?

         summary.log        <= info & errors
         debug.log            <= all levels
         cleanup.log          <= only info statements about which rows 
deleted (this one is tricky)
         error.log                <= warnings, error statements only



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