[logback-user] how to remove old log files in this sifting appender configuration

Andreas Kruthoff andreas.kruthoff at nexustelecom.com
Wed Jul 11 16:13:13 CEST 2012


I'm trying to resolve a scenario with the following sifting appender
configuration, but got problems with too many open files.

I use logback to produce CSV files.

The ${hour} key is set based on the content (within my %msg).

Rollover is every minute.

<appender name="SIFT" class="ch.qos.logback.classic.sift.SiftingAppender">
     <appender name="DATA-${hour}"


Suppose that I started the application at 11, and that current time is
16, so most of the data goes into data-16.csv, and some goes into
data-15.csv, data-14.csv, but nothing goes into older data files.

After a while, I get more and more old files, active files and rolled
files, i.e. data-11.csv, data-12.csv, and data-11-201207111125.csv,
data-11-201207111132.csv, and so on.

Such old files (from 11, or 12) are under logback control, but as they
don't get new data anymore, they stay open forever and are never cleaned
up. There aren't new 'events' for these files.

The JVM shows an increasing number of active threads (probably the
loggers) at the same time, which causes problems after a few hours.

Is there a way to configure logback to handle my scenario?

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