[logback-user] Hide container's logback.xml from web application

Ross Sargant rsargant at tvrc.com
Mon Jul 23 15:57:24 CEST 2012

  I have a pretty simple setup consisting of Jetty and two web applications.
The logging for the Jetty container and each web app is automatically
configured with separate logback.xml files.  The configuration works but
there is a nuance which I've never been able to resolve.

The web application's class loader "sees" the logback.xml loaded by the
Jetty container's parent class loader.  This causes logback to dump its
configuration status on web app initialization to show me the "Resource
[logback.xml] detected multiple times on the classpath" warning.   One entry
under WEB-INF/classes/logback.xml and one under the jetty resources

I completely understand what is going on but I'd really prefer not to look
at this output all the time. Is there anyway I can re-arrange the setup to
support automatic isolated configuration of jetty and the web apps without
having to see this warning? I repeat, the configuration is working correctly
and it is only this output (shown on the web app initialization) which is a
little irksome.

Thank you!

Ross Sargant
Software Engineer
p: 954-796-2592
email: rsargant at tvrc.com

TVR Communications LLC
541 S. State Road 7,Suite 5,Margate, Florida,33068

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