[logback-user] What support is needed to run with logback.groovy configuration?

ceki ceki at qos.ch
Sat Jul 28 00:09:31 CEST 2012

Hi Steve,

Have you tried adding the following?


It's the groovy dependency that logback-classic uses.


On 27.07.2012 17:54, Steve Cohen wrote:
> I switched my application from using logback.xml to using
> logback.groovy.  I just wanted to try it but off the bat, I much prefer
> scanning through an easily alphabetized list of loggers in the groovy
> file to the mess that you get with XML and lots of loggers.
> However, my hopes for a quick success were dashed when I saw:
> Groovy classes are not available on the class path.  ABORTING INITIALIZION.
> What must I do to my application classpath to allow logback
> configuration via groovy?  The manual does not seem to have any
> information on this.
> Also, I noticed via goggling the issue that JSON causes an issue with
> groovy.  This will also impact me as our application makes use of JSON.
> Thanks to anyone who can provide this information.
> Steve Cohen


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